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One Act Fest

4 fabulous one acts for our annual Fall Fundraiser. Performances will be Sept. 6 - 8, 2018.

Have You Ever Been to Albuquerque?
By Mary Lou Britton
Directed by Maggie Savage
Featuring Dan Dubin, Barbara Mathers & Daniel Croft
It's just an ordinary day in the park for this man and woman, or is it? Could be more than meets the eye in this visual comedy.

Moving Day
By Octavia Lesley
Directed by Claudia Scott
Featuring Caroline Dicks & Joe Gaskill
This touching piece takes place as two parents finish packing up their home.

By Tony Targan
Directed by Tony Targan
Featuring Mary Long, Daniel Croft, David Durham, Michelle Feneberg & Joe Gaskill
Now boarding a hilarious flight to crazy town. Turbulence will ensue!

Sisters Before Misters
By Meg Berger
Directed by Claudia Scott
Featuring Devena Godau, Pam Mayer & Erica Poster
Two sisters return home to reclaim a few of their childhood belongings and reignite the sibling rivalry in comedic fashion.

Flemming by Sam Bobrick

In this comedic thriller we follow Henry Flemming, who has given up his successful day job to become a private investigator. As bodies start piling up around him, can he finger the real murderer before he's the next victim? Our 50th Season kicks off October 26th.

The Rosedale Community Players is a proud member in good standing of CTAM (Community Theatre Association of Michigan) and AACT (American Association of Community Theatre). For more information about CTAM or AACT, click on their logos.