Open auditions for our next show Kiss The Moon, Kiss The Sun, by Norm Foster.

Sunday, Jan 28th 6pm & Monday, Jan 29th 7pm at Peace.

A thirty-five year old man with the mental capacity of a seven year-old meets a pregnant woman in crisis and the two form a lasting friendship. A story about people finding the nerve to take responsibility and about persevering the odds. A touching drama presented with underlying comedy.

Cast of Characters
Holly Fitch (mid to late 20s) - Somewhat irresponsible, has a teaching degree but works at a sports store (531 lines)
Robert Castle (mid 30s) - Has the mental capacity of a 7 year-old resulting from a childhood accident (392 lines)
Claire Castle (60s or 70s) - Robert’s mother who is battling cancer and heart disease (206 lines)
Simon Garvey (around 40) - An English professor going through a divorce and dating Holly (131 lines)
Dr. Andrews (male or female, no specific age) - Claire’s doctor (85 lines)
Ages listed are suggestions only. The relative age of characters is more important than the actor’s actual age.

Performance Dates
April 27th thru May 19th

Auditions at Rosedale Community Players are open and informal (no headshots required but welcome if available) and consist of cold readings from the script. You are not required but are welcome to attend both nights. For more information, contact Cindi Moll

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