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Our 2017-18 Season

It Came From Mars
by Joseph Zettlemaier

directed by Claudia Scott
October 30, 1938. The members of Farlowe’s Mystery Theatre Hour are in rehearsal for their weekly radio show when they hear an alarming announcement come over the radio - Martians have landed! The actors fly into hysterics, barricading themselves in the studio, not expecting to live to see the next day. Passions ignite, secret identities are revealed and slapstick mayhem ensues when a washed-up director, his drama queen Ex, a wanna-be war hero, a ditzy actress, and a German sound effects wiz all think they are about to annihilated by men from Mars. Honesty and hilarity erupt as truth and loyalty square off against fear and paranoia.
Fall 2017

Assisted Living
by Deirdre O’Connor

directed by Chuck Goddeeris
Anne Kelly needs help. She’s pushing forty and still lives with her mother. Her deadbeat brother won’t return her calls, and the ancient family home seems to be falling down around her. When a younger man with a troubled past comes into her life, Anne begins to see the upside of not always being the grown-up. Assisted Living is a funny and surprising look at the struggle to discover where our families end, and we begin.
Winter 2018

Kiss The Moon, Kiss The Sun
by Norm Foster

directed by Cindi Moll
A thirty-five-year-old man with the mental capacity of a seven- year-old, meets a pregnant young woman in crisis, and the two form a lasting friendship. Kiss The Moon, Kiss The Sun is a story about people finding the nerve to take responsibility, and about persevering against the odds.
Spring 2018

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