Building Fund

Rosedale Community Players celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2009.

In 2007 we had to move out of the Upstage where we had been performing for over 30 years. The deteriorating conditions and the lack of response to those conditions by the landlord made it unsafe and impossible for us to stay. After a brief two year relocation to Bushnell Church in Detroit, we landed at Peace Lutheran Church in Southfield where we have been producing plays since 2010.

Everything we have looked at so far is going to need renovations of some kind; adding bathrooms, building a stage, removing pillars and adding support beams for example. We are in the early stages of developing fundraisers. We are also applying for grants, but with the state of the Michigan economy we can only be cautiously optimistic about a positive outcome.

Our Every Penny Counts Campaign allows supporters, even if it's in some small way, help us realize our dream of finding a new home.

RCP is a viable community theatre which has a reputation as a place to see quality theatre. We are proud of being back to back State Champions in 2005 and 2007 at the American Association of Community Theatre Competition. We hope with the support from people like you who know the value of RCP, we can one day, have a home of our own again.

If you choose to give a gift, you can view and print the donation form here.

Thank you!

The Rosedale Community Players is a proud member in good standing of CTAM (Community Theatre Association of Michigan) and AACT (American Association of Community Theatre). For more information about CTAM or AACT, click on their logos.