Open auditions for the One Act Fest!

Monday, June 10th 7pm
Tuesday, June 11th 7pm
Location: Peace
Performance dates: September 13th-15th

More than 20 roles to cast. Auditions will consist of cold reads from the scripts. See synopsis and character descriptions below.

Writer's Vice (or The Muse's Gift)
Desperately trying to overcome writer's block, Sal conjures his Muse as inspiration. Muse has her own motivations. Can inspiration come in the unlikeliest of places?
SAL - 20s-50s, male. Struggling writer. Is desperate for inspiration to end his inability to write.
MUSE - any age, female-identifying. Looks like someone who just woke up. Mismatched, ratty sweats.
PEGGY - 20s-50s, female. The breadwinner. Getting annoyed at SAL's lack of motivation.

Right Field of Dreams
It's the bottom of the last inning, the bases are loaded with two outs, and 10 year old Tim is playing right field. Despite encouragement from his coach, Tim would rather be anywhere but there. It may take a visit from a Famous Female Baseball Player for him to make the winning play.
TIM - a 10-year-old boy who does not want to be playing baseball (can definitely be played by an older actor)
COACH - a male or female baseball coach
FAMOUS FEMALE BASEBALL PLAYER - a famous female baseball player from the past (depending on casting, three possible historical players are mentioned - Toni Stone, Doris Sams, or Marge Villa-Cryan)

Dream Meaning
A thrilling drama. Charlotte bursts into Minnie's room looking for a book which will explain the meaning of her dream. What she finds unlocks the hidden secrets the two of them share.
MINNIE - an older teenage girl
CHARLOTTE - an extremely put-together-looking lady, tight bun, pristine designer clothes

Top Shelf Tolstoy
When Erica visits her local library, she finds it's easier to be served a drink than get a library card. A top shelf comedy about how one library survives in modern times.
ERICA - 30s-50s, female, intellectual transplant from a big city to a small town, she's had some major changes in her life and hasn't adapted yet
TYLER - 20s, male, college student working at a library, happy to take whatever joy he can
CRYSTAL - 30s-60s, female, library supervisor, she feels like she's in a thankless job and sometimes she just can't

I, Phone
Melanie thinks she knows where she's going in her car and in her life. But her Phone has other ideas.
MELANIE - 20s-30s
MELANIE'S PHONE - artificial male voice
ANDREW - 20s-30s
ANDREW'S PHONE - artificial female voice

Ladies of the Night
Two elderly women, best friends since high school, decide to run away from the nursing home where they are living.
MARY - 70s- 80s, any ethnicity. Bossy. Sometimes grouchy.
JUDY - 70s-80s, any ethnicity. Wears a dress or skirt. Happy-go-lucky.

In this unique dark comedy, a number of empty wine bottles are scattered among three women who are lounging at a B&B in The Outer Banks, North Carolina. The time is 1:40. Gravity is an issue.
SHELLEY (female/female-presenting) - Gen Z-adjacent, artisan
HYLIE (female) - 30s-40s, Reasonable
INA (female) - Older than the other two, from somewhere in the South
GINA'S HUSBAND (male) - A disembodied voice via speakerphone

-Esque & -Ish
After putting out a call for new work, A and B discover that two of the plays submitted to their theater company were written not just with but by artificial intelligence.
A - Any adult, an uptight, type A artistic director.
B - Any adult, a sarcastic, type B sometimes director, sometimes actor, sometimes prop master.

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